Are mobile responsive sites king

You might ask yourself are mobile responsive sites king?

Increasing mobile usage

These days almost everyone is using smartphones.

This year we have seen a continued strong growth in mobile use, shown clearly by Mary Meeker’s annual mobile trends round-up from earlier in the year.


Mobile users are prioritised by Google

Google is now putting the Mobile internet user first. A key aspect of their site ranking strategy is testing whether your site effectively works well on a mobile phone. It is now imperative that your site is usable on smaller devices.

“Mobile responsive” terminology means that your site has been constructed using a framework and or stylesheet settings such that it can basically morph the screen layout according to the dimensions of the device it is displayed on. You can easily check this using a browser such as Google Chrome. Slowly reduce your browser width on a desktop screen. If the site is responsive you will notice changes to your page content layout. Standard trigger points for this ‘new layout’ are the dimensions of tablets and smart phones.

Here is the link to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

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Are mobile responsive sites king

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