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Shingles Healing. Hi folks, this is an upload from my ‘still occurring’ first [and hopefully last] experience with shingles. I have provided it in a hope that just 1 person is assisted by my advice regarding how to reduce it and work through the experience.

Just a bit of background regarding myself. I consider myself a fairly fit 47 year old. They say shingles surfaces when you are stressed or have a lowered immunity.

I don’t recall a specific event however I have been for the last year working through a personal journey determining how best to assist my family and community for the next 20 to 40 or so years. It’s interesting what date this occurred. I was made redundant by Australia’s largest bank on 4/8/15. On 24/8/16 I woke early with a severe pain in one of my left ribs. I guess it felt like a really badly torn muscle but burning pain. I also noticed the same pain on my left side half way up chest inline under your arm pit but also felt a few weird bump like blisters.

I headed to the bathroom to take a look. My wife said “ah yes looks like you have herpes”. I had a look at a lot of google images for herpes. A saw an article saying “is it herpes or shingles?”. I then looked up about 100 images for shingles and knew right away it was shingles I had.

I’m not heavily into mainstream medicine and these days prefer alternate natural remedies. After reading a few sites they mentioned to get to a doctor in first 72 hours to get anti viral medicine. I preferred to not follow this path. Could it have resulted in way less blisters/rash and subsequent pain over time? Maybe so. Maybe not. I will never know. I live with that decision.

So I began trawling google for ‘information on shingles’ : what is it, how long does it last, what alternative remedies should i try etc. etc.

I will list below some of the methods I tried and any obvious results. Apologies for my prose. I barely passed english at school.


I noticed I had some fairly strong codeine left in our medical box. I took 1 or 2 of these most nights early on. The euphoria from Codeine is a bit trippy. I listened to a fair bit of psytrance in youtube between midnight and 2am when it kicked in. Like most lazyish people I don’t plan head regarding side effects when I take drugs [I just prefer no drugs]. Suffice to say that working through severe constipation while half your belly burns from shingles blisters is a secondary torture so if you do take Codeine please ensure you organise a natural Laxative and drink plenty of water. It somehow dehydrates your body. You wake up with dry parched mouth at night so keep plenty of water nearby.

Early on tried a few Panadol. Did zip.

On the 14th day after my blisters were drying up I figured I’d better go see our GP. I’d been reading more about Post Herpetic Neuralgia [if you can’t be bothered looking it up, imagine on-going nerve pain without an expiry date aagghh]. Anyway I go see him, show him my nice belly of shingles and I ask for some pain relief. He recommends a pharmaceutical called Lyrica. I purchased it and researched it. They give this stuff to dudes that have epilepsy. WT! It somehow filters out like 30% of your nerve signal to your brain. I did take it for a while but honestly could not tell if I really needed it or if it did anything so it may help you. It’s somewhat relative how 2 people feel shingles pain and what one’s pain tolerance is I guess. I thought mine was quite high but honestly now reckon the shingles pain never passed a 5/10 with 10 being ‘falling to the ground’ and blacking out from pain. Sure hope I never experience above a 5.

For the last 2 weeks [weeks 3 and 4] I have taken Ibuprofen of the evening when you wake from the pain. Wait an hour and then try to sleep again. I guess if you like comfort and dont care what you put in your body take them every 6 hours. it’s a free world, sort of but I assume chemicals all have their adverse side effects so best minimised. With the prolonged usage you also feel waves of nausea during the day but likely a combination of prolonged crappy sleep with the drug cocktail.

Repair Remedies

One great friend of ours prescribed a Naturopathic combination of Echinacea and St. Johns Hypericum from memory. Took the lot but no idea how it helped. I also took Longdanxie Gan Wan from another Chinese medicine expert twice a day. Also hard to say how that helped.

When the skin rash was very red and blisters were there I applied a cream that contained chelated silver. When I asked my GP for some ‘silver based cream’ he rolled his eyes. So too did the local pharmacist. Here is the irony. I have seen videos where burn specialists apply silver based cream to wounds. My russian mother in law also used it on children with damaged skin. So the amazing person she is, she fast tracked 4 containers of this cream our way. The health food store recommended Colloidal Silver. I did dab some of that on however ‘deeper’ research on the web about Silver provided vast knowledge. Yes the silver kills bacteria big time. The silver needs to be in small %s and nano particle size. The lower strength is actually better than the higher strength I bought. Ionic silver does not compare to Colloidal silver. Just do some serious research if you are interested in Silver. Sounds like right amount does wonders. You will not hear that from any member of the mainstream pharmaceutical money machine matrix BTW.

Load up Your body with Vitamins

I took daily juices always including lemon, and ginger.
Key vitamins look like Bs, B12 for nerve repair. Get some Vitamin D. Get some sun on the rash. Take Tumeric as an anti inflammatory.

Things to Do To feel Better

Showers very hot helped sometimes, although I recommend very hot bath. This helped sooth the muscle spasms in your back.

Oatmeal mixed with Colloidal silver as a paste was recommended but I didn’t try it out.

When the rash was reducing, I did daily massage of the site using Coconut oil. Most mornings I sprayed Tea Tree Oil [with aloe Vera]. That tended to calm things down a bit for an hour or so.

I didn’t have the major itch phase people describe but did use Calomine lotion on occasion. A thin spray was good. When applied thick as it dried it often contracted the skin rash area and made the nerve hypersenstivity worse’, so just see how it goes.

Things To Do To Be Mobile

For 2 weeks post the blisters my skin has been both hypersensitive and numb. By hypersentive I mean if you blow air on your skin, it fires a sensation to your mind but like magnified 1000 times more than normal. Hard to describe really. Suffice to say all you want to do is keep anything and everything off it. They say ‘wear light clothing’. I actually ended up not wearing a top for over 2 weeks. Being spring here in Sydney was a bit challenging. I had to keep warm with a neckwarmer, beanie and belly scarf of an evening.

I recently came across a far better solution, which is wrap a bandage around the entire shingles site, snug but not tight just so it does not move at all. Make it tight enough so that your nervous system feels pressure on the skin. This stops the hypersensitvity. My wife had an old pregnancy band. I then wrapped this around the belly quite tight. Now can get out and about in public again with a long shirt/top.

Going Forward
As this pain winds down I plan on seeing my chiropractor to make sure back alignment is fine. Sleeping weirdly for a month does wonders for the back. Take a few deep body massages to help loosen muscles that have been wrongly working. If any nerve issues continue I will take some acupuncture to help with flow of electrical energy.

Future Prevention
They say only 1% of the populus gets shingles more than once. I will pray I am not in this category. For me this has been a life changing experience. To date my worst injury was a pulled muscle, dislocated knee. This shingles experience halted me full stop for 30 days straight. It could be another 30 until pain has cancelled. The concerns regarding Neuralgia is they say it could last from like ‘few days to 2 years’ or even on-going for older folks’ so you have to take it seriously and do everything you can to help your body recover.

I have not mentioned meditation and mind focus. Breathing techniques help a lot for managing pain [look up intro meditation techniques if never tried] and to calm you down to sleep of an evening. Those of a spiritual nature should talk to their body and cells and help with the healing this way.


I profoundly hope that this article has helped you in some way if you unfortunately happen to come under the effects of shingles. I read that the Danish or Norwegian call it ‘Hellfire’, Wont argue with that. Keep positive, rest well and support yourself through this experience. Try to use it as a learning experience.

All the best!


PS. Please contact me if you ever find this post of assistance. I’d love to know..

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