The Great Aussie Dream Is Grass Cutting Still In?

Has The Great Aussie Dream Shifted?

own a home, have  some grass  to cut and a dog

.. or something like that.


So today it looked like the grass cutting was overdue. Sure I did it but only partly. Why?  I was reflecting on the pros and cons while I pushed the mower back and forward, back and forth…


  • Wont get an earful from dad next time he drops in.
  • Juniors can run around in the garden knowing a snake aint lurking.
  • Creates more oxygen. Not sure on that one, needs some research.
  • Smells great just after it’s cut.
  • I got more exercise.


Well today the ‘just do it, some of it’ inner voice won out. Not sure about next time though. I reckon  a small meadow might be in order as a more worthy experiment.


What’s your view on having lawns and cutting grass ?

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