One Persons Rubbish is Another’s Treasure

We just had the quarterly Council cleanup. It’s always a freeing feeling to clear out the garage.

I’m always impressed by how many trucks are cruising the streets for steel scrap and the like.

I always seem to find something we need to replace that someone else has thrown out, which is great really contributing towards a Sustainable world, part of the ongoing war with

Consumerism Replace Everything every 2 years

world we’ve become.

Atleast this time my children were not with me resulting in the usual ‘net gain’ ie. we end up with more than we threw out.

One of the items we threw out was an old used pram. Watched an older gentlemen step out of convertible Mazda MX5 and then he meticulously removed just the front wheels from it. I assume his re-use helped him out on a project in some way.

The whole event reminds me of an interesting character called ‘Dirty Mary’ who used to have a large warehouse in Mona Vale full of bits n pieces from Kimbriki tip. She supposedly had rights over collecting re-usable artefacts from Kimbriki. Have great memories of dropping in there with dad looking for wheels for BillyCarts we made.

Memories are cool.
Until next time have a good 1!

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