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Best 2018 Ripple XRP Wallets – Sunday, 22 4
Ripple XRP is both a decentralized blockchain money transfer network and it is also a cryptocurrency. As a cryptocurrency it has a digital coin/token that is used in transacting in the blockchain network. The coin/token is denoted as XRP. Just as any crypto coin, an investor or trader has to get a place to …

CRYPTO INSIDER: Everyone's biggest fear about ICO's almost came true – Sunday, 22 4
Bitcoin Cash is soaring as traders ready for another hard fork · Here's why crypto isn't accepted for more everyday transactions · JPMorgan is testing issuing debt on the blockchain · Gem has launched an all-in-one crypto trading and wallet app that interacts with 22 exchanges and 1,500 tokens · Four …

Cryptocurrency news: Why has the EU voted for closer regulation of cryptocurrencies? – Sunday, 22 4
The legislation changes would look to tackle the issue of anonymity of financial technology (fintech) by implementing rules for exchange, platforms and wallet services. Under the new ruling, cryptocurrency entities must be registered with authorities and will to have to apply due diligence procedures, …

Cardano [ADA] updates UI, now also available on CoinSwitch – Price jumps by 6% – Sunday, 22 4
Cardano [ADA] prices have been rising over the past week showing a massive 36% gain and some crypto-critics believe it's because of the … Many other UI developments will be made in the summary screen for the next release such as the new 'Add wallet' screen and 'Show more transactions' button.

Ethereum Classic – 9 days to Emerald Wallet release! What does Emerald hold for [ETC]? – Sunday, 22 4
The idea behind this wallet is to create an environment where user transactions can be verified in a trustless manner. As things stand, there is no wallet that can do this for Ethereum classic users, making it a major handicap to the growth of this crypto. It's a handicap because without a trustless way to …

European Parliament Votes for Tighter Crypto AML Regulations – Sunday, 22 4
The specific crypto AML regulations will require crypto exchanges and custodian wallet providers to apply greater customer due diligence controls and will also require customers to be registered for the exchanges and wallets. In addition, the crypto AML regulations will also put pressure on trusts and …

European Union Votes for Closer Regulation of Cryptocurrencies – Sunday, 22 4
The new legislation, which seeks to completely erode the anonymity associated with cryptocurrency, exchange platforms and custodian wallet providers, passed after 574 votes for and 13 votes against with 60 abstentions. “Criminal behavior hasn't changed,” MEP and co-rapporteur Krisjanis Karins from …

HashCard ICO (HSHC Token): Crypto to Fiat Credit/Debit Card? – Sunday, 22 4
The Wallet for Hash Card supports all the 25 cryptocurrencies that you can use on the platform and can be installed on Android or iOS. It is protected by multi-sig technology, SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, meaning that only the owner can really access the wallet. You store money in your …

IOTA Demonstrates Real-World Use Case With Smart Vehicle Charging Stations – Sunday, 22 4
After connecting, the bay facilitates the exchange of digital signatures and certificates that act as public keys — like those commonly used in blockchain wallets — allowing it to build a trust relationship between the communicating parties and authenticating the transaction based on the agreed digital …

Jeremy Epstein of Never Stop Marketing: Blockchain May Move Us from CRM to WRM – Wallet – Sunday, 22 4
The interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. And Amazon's announcement earlier this week of a new patent that may allow them to sell the identities of cryptocurrency users added even more fuel to the fire of interest. This high level of interest was obvious at last week's …

Litecoin Lighting Up, Approaching 0: LTC News Roundup – Sunday, 22 4
Litecoin has experienced a shaky start to 2018, with LTC prices dropping dramatically subsequent to the cancellation of the widely-hyped LitePay launch. With Litecoin recently listed on Korbit — South Korea's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange — paired with the announcement of a popular wallet …

London Supercar Customisers to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments – Sunday, 22 4
With a focus on pushing the creative boundaries and delivering head-turning results for its clients, the company is acknowledging the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum, and has subsequently created a cryptocurrency wallet to receive instant payments online.

Loyalty in Crypto: Cryptocurrencies Will Rise in 2018 – Sunday, 22 4
One of the first big names to jump on the blockchain bandwagon was Burger King in Russia, with its WhopperCoin (WHO): a cryptocurrency-based loyalty program where one Russian rouble spent puts 1 WHO in your wallet. And that's not all, since, at least theoretically, blockchain could wipe millions off …

Pillar Market Capitalization Achieves .56 Million (CRYPTO:PLR) – Sunday, 22 4
According to CryptoCompare, “The Pillar wallet will hold keys and let anyone transact with many blockchains (multi-chain wallet), will be able to see hundreds of kinds of tokens and coins. The Pillar wallet will not be tied with any browser, nor to an exchange (option to choose multiple exchanges).

Ripple price news: MASSIVE price boost for XRP – Why is Ripple doing so well? – Sunday, 22 4
And it was confirmed the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Wall Street's Och-Ziff Capital Management (Oz Management) has left to become the new CFO at major crypto wallet and exchange service Coinbase. Brian Armstrong, the CEO and founder of Coinbase, said in the announcement post that he is …

The Google Play Store has a serious crypto scam problem – Sunday, 22 4
According to The Next Web, in 2018 alone, Google has removed three instances of malicious apps posing as legitimate crypto wallet apps. These imposter apps steal keys from you and then drain your accounts. Granted, each app was removed in a few days and only got a few downloads, if any at all, …

TRON (TRX) Price Trend for April 21: Market Sentiment Analysis – Sunday, 22 4
1. No regulating bodies – in a financial system, regulating bodies like the central bank monitor transactions and ensure the welfare of the investors. However, cryptocurrencies fall back in this matter. If a crypto-trader loses his/her wallet, there is no regulating body for him/her to report about this loss. 2.

Utrum to Launch Innovative Blockchain Platform Solving Trust Problems for Crypto Investors – Sunday, 22 4
Komodo is the world leader in Atomic Swap technology and this technology will be utilized in the Utrum dICO App, allowing participants to invest in the ICO in a unique “wallet-to-wallet” transaction, receiving OOT immediately in exchange for their investment with no third-party intermediary. The target …

What's Going On With ReddCoin (RDD)? – Sunday, 22 4
The wallet makes processes such as accessing, depositing and sending money to other wallets. Transactions will also be instant, and users will be able to stake their RDD coins through the wallet. The wallet uses less amount of energy when staking compared to Bitcoin which consumes large amounts …

WikiLeaks Shop Reports Suspension Of Coinbase Account Due To Terms Of Service Violation – Sunday, 22 4
… publishing non profit WikiLeaks, reported on Twitter Friday, April 20, that their account with crypto wallet and exchange Coinbase has been blocked. … as there are other crypto wallets out there, but that the “symbolism is a pretty poignant reminder of what centralization and banking regulations mean.”.

Apple Swift Language
Apple blog

Swift is a multi-paradigm, compiled programming language created for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS development by Apple Inc. Swift is designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and the large body of existing Objective-C code written for Apple products. Swift is intended to be more resilient to erroneous code (“safer”) than Objective-C and also more concise. It is built with the LLVM compiler framework included in Xcode 6 and later and uses the Objective-C runtime, which allows C, Objective-C, C++ and Swift code to run within a single program.
Swift supports the core concepts that made Objective-C flexible, notably dynamic dispatch, widespread late binding, extensible programming and similar features. These features also have well known performance and safety trade-offs, which Swift was designed to address. For safety, Swift introduced a system that helps address common programming errors like null pointers, as well as introducing syntactic sugar to avoid the pyramid of doom that can result. For performance issues, Apple has invested considerable effort in aggressive optimization that can flatten out method calls and accessors to eliminate this overhead. More fundamentally, Swift has added the concept of protocol extensibility, an extensibility system that can be applied to types, structs and classes, Apple promotes this as a real change in programming paradigms they refer to as “protocol-oriented programming”.
– sourced Wikipedia

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